Speaking Engagements


When it comes to presentations, making sure you receive a top-notch presentation that offers a balance of information and entertainment is key. That’s exactly what you will receive with our speaking engagements!  

Our seminars and workshops will give you solid fundamental concepts, proven steps, and interactive hands-on experience you can implement into your practice right away.

There will be no fake news- our courses will ALWAYS be free of corporate bias, every clinical case we present will be an actual case that we have treated, and we will help you build a more powerful and profitable practice.  

Potential topics for speaking engagements range from endodontic clinical updates to building a profitable referral-based practice. These presentations may fit a small group or a large audience.  

Book your speaking engagement with some of the most dynamic and insightful speakers in the endodontic community today!

Please call our office for scheduling information.